Ragas Live Festival

Pioneer Works is pleased to present the 2016 Ragas Live Festival. Roughly meaning “color the mind”, raga are musical modes or essences from the Indian Classical Music tradition. The festival will bring together more than 70 musicians for a 24 hour cycle that will reflect the unique characteristic of ragas in which performances are assigned to definite times of the day and night.

Founded and produced by the Brooklyn based musician and radio host David Ellenbogen, the annual Festival was born in 2012 as an ambitious 24 hour live radio broadcast on New York City’s WKCR 89.9 FM. Since then, Ragas Live Festival has grown to have an international impact, expanding the audience of raga with dedicated listeners all over the globe.

This fifth iteration of the annual festival will be the first time listeners and audiences can share the experience in person, while the city and international fans can tune into WKCR (89.9 FM-NY and wkcr.org) and the NYC Radio Live Podcast.

Supported by the Rubin Museum of Art.



Brooklyn Raga Massive’s Ravi Shankar Tribute

Brooklyn Raga Massive


Arun Ramamurthy Trio

Dan Weiss Teen Taal Drumset Solo

Steven Dee Harris

Mitali Bhawmik

Neel Murgai

Vivek Pandya (Tabla solo)

Roopa Mahadevan

Snehasish Mozumder

Krishna Bhatt

Jay Gandhi

Anupam Shobhakar

Max ZT Ensemble



Adam Maalouf feat. Josh Geisler and Shiva Ghoshal

Deepal Chodhari

Samarth Nagarkar

Daisy Paradis

Sanghamitra Chatterjee

Steve Gorn and Eric Fraser

Sandip Bhattacharjee

Abhik Mukherjee