Ragas Live Festival 2019

Ragas Live is an epic 24-hour, 24-set festival featuring over 70 world-class musicians.  

A celebration of what The New York Times calls “the Raga Renaissance, flowering in Brooklyn,” the event is rooted in the unique time cycle of Indian Classical Music in which specific musical modes are performed at specific times of day. The diverse musical offerings flow between traditional presentations and cross-cultural, genre-blurring collaborations with jazz legends, African virtuosos, minimalist composers, dance troupes, and beyond. 

This deep listening experience will be complemented by deep viewing. We welcome the return of artist Nitin Mukul, who has bridged the boundaries of video and painting to arrive at a new format for experiencing a painting as a durational event. His videos, curated hour by hour, match the shifting rasas (essences) of the music.

Now in its 8th year, a global audience shares the experience via a 24-hour broadcast on WKCR 89.9 FM, while the harmonizing, immersive experience can be enjoyed under the stars and through the sunrise at Pioneer Works.