The Quarantine Concerts

Pioneer Works presents a night of performances as part of Experimental Sound Studio’s Quarantine Concerts featuring past, present, and future Music Residents and performers from the Pioneer Works creative community.

7:30PM HUBBLE (Ben Greenberg)
8PM Jeremiah Cymerman
8:30PM Lea Bertucci*
9PM Eucademix (Yuka C. Honda)
10:30PM Greg Fox

About Experimental Sound Studio’s The Quarantine Concerts series
The Quarantine Concerts are a collaborative endeavor among a growing number of organizations and organizers meant to provide artists experimenting across genres a space to share their work and continue to earn a living during this time when most live performance opportunities have been canceled due to COVID-19.

100% of the donations contributed to ESS go directly back to the artists performing each day.

The Quarantine Concerts are born from a belief in the collective power of the experimental and grassroots arts community, and in the necessity of art during difficult moments like these. We have been inspired by the proliferation of creativity and community building that we have seen burst forth online in the immediate wake of the emerging COVID-19 situation, and aim through this platform to play a part in helping to centralize those efforts, getting more eyes, ears, and hopefully donations to each artist’s efforts.

*Lea Bertucci’s performance is sponsored by Live From Our Living Rooms