Poncili Creación:
Text-Based Performance

Watch the livestream on the Pioneer Works Broadcast .

Join Poncili Creación and Pioneer Works for a night of livestreamed, collaborative puppetry performance.

Poncili will perform an improvised set of puppetry inspired by the audience texts received in the chat, which are read aloud as they are posted. As texts are read, Poncili and the audience will create a back and forth soup of ideas that are turned into images that are turned into ideas and so on. In this soup, we’ll find the creation of the feeling of close interactions whilst being far apart. Tune in right here to witness an exquisite corps in the making with the option to become part of it just a click away.

Poncili Creación is a performance group that uses their foam rubber sculptures to create multimedia content, workshops, and shows. These objects, some as small as a coin others as large as cars, are created to be manipulated by the human body or parts of it acting as tools for creating whimsical power that stains reality. Established in 2013, their art practice has been an exploration of how they can build communities and harvest resilience among the people they impact using their objects as a catalytic to shape our collective reality.