Pioneer Works and Sacred Bones Records pay tribute to Mort Garson's sought-after 1976 album Plantasia this September 14, 2023 at The Green-Wood Cemetery.

Surrounded by the cemetery's lush vegetation, Laraaji, Drew McDowall, DAOUI (Angel Bat Dawid & Oui Ennui), Alex Zhang Hungtai & North Americans will pay tribute to Plantasia by reimagining tracks from the album while guests explore the grounds, soak up the music and browse additional vendors and Plantasia related merch for sale.

If you purchased a snake plant, asparagus fern, peace lily, or what have you from Mother Earth on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles (or bought a Simmons mattress from Sears), you also took home Plantasia, an album recorded especially for plants. Subtitled “warm earth music for plants… and the people that love them,” it was full of bucolic, charming, stoner-friendly, decidedly unscientific tunes enacted on the new-fangled device called the Moog. Plants date back to the dawn of time, but apparently, they loved the Moog, never mind that the synthesizer had been on the market for just a few years. Most of all, the plants loved the ditties made by composer Mort Garson. Over the years, Garson's discreet electronic music has gained a cult following, leading to a reissue of the LP in 2019.

In case of inclement weather, tickets will be honored on the rain date, Friday, September 15. Please bring a blanket or something comfortable to sit on, but please leave large items at home. Outside food and alcohol are not permitted. Bags will be checked at the door.

About the event

Thank you for joining Sacred Bones, Pioneer Works & Green-Wood Cemetery for this celebration of Plantasia, a transformative experience combining sound, light, and the cemetery’s lush vegetation and botanical history. The multi-sensory experience is inspired by Mort Garson's 1976 album Mother Earth’s Plantasia, which was intended for plants and the people who love them. The record was reissued by Sacred Bones on vinyl June 21, 2019 after its only pressing 43 years prior.

Please refer to the schedule and map (both available below) for location information. The artists have all been encouraged to draw their own inspiration from Plantasia, both musically and conceptually as they perform in a natural environment surrounded by native plants (and spirits). Performances will feature a mixture of solo, collaborative and overlapping moments. We encourage you to explore the area around the performances to experience different perspectives throughout the program.