Parquet Courts On Time

Join Parquet Courts to celebrate their 10th anniversary at Pioneer Works.

On Time is a concert livestream and retrospective in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Parquet Courts’ first show. The show, filmed live at Pioneer Works, will air on December 10, commemorating their first show ever, which took place at Monster Island on December 17, 2010. It will feature rare archival footage, new interviews, exclusive merch available only to ticket buyers, and much more. The band adds: “Ten years ago our adventure began by playing our first show to virtually no one, and to celebrate we’ve decided to play a show to everyone, virtually.”

Parquet Courts have been praised as one of the decade’s essential bands. Over the years, they’ve released five acclaimed studio albums, countless EPs and singles, and played over a thousand shows. Their influence reverberates not only through New York City’s music scene, but far beyond our shores. Lyrically, their songs have revealed a desperately prescient quality, as narratives of isolation, climate catastrophe, technological dependence, and police brutality pepper their body of work and have materialized years later in some of this decade’s darker moments. Yet through this all, the band’s positive calls to action continue to invigorate audiences to fight through their malaise and to find it within themselves to move. It’s this polarity of cause and response, inventive action spurred by repulsed reaction, that led writer Lindsay Zoladz to call them “one of the most vital rock bands working today” in her Slate column at the end of 2018.