MVT3 (Music Video Time 3)

Wednesday, April 15
7-10pm; Free

Like those before it in the MVT trilogy, this program highlights new and innovative music videos across all genres, celebrating the musicians and directors that make them in a way that feels lost in an age of YouTube distribution and smartphone viewing. Presented by Clocktower and selected by Nick Chatfield-Taylor, Jay Buim, and Joe Ahearn, snippets of these videos have been lovingly weaved between a multitude of pop-culture references to our society’s obsession with the screen, while paying homage to an earlier time of huddling around the television and discovering new music with friends.


Artists included in the collection:
Future Islands, Mirah, Dan Friel, Emilyn Brodsky, RONiiA, Marijuana Deathsquads, XXXPRSNXXX, Carson Mel (animator), Fantasmes, Zebra Catz