MVR 3.2

With the decreasing size and cost of computer vision, digital components, and advances in virtual reality, we are faced with a renewed awareness of the impact of current digital practices on the physical body. Returning for its third season, MVR is a lecture event series focused on new forms of exchange between body and technology developed by Eyebeam alumni Nancy Nowacek and David Sheinkopf, Director of Technology at Pioneer Works.

The second iteration of a four part series will be presented by Toni Dove, ann tbd, and Jessica Ann Peavy.

Toni Dove, considered one of the pioneers of interactive cinema, has produced unique hybrids of film, installation art and experimental theater, utilizing embodied interface design to control media and robotics that experiment with narrative form.

ann tbd is an artist creating experimental technology inspired by body horror to explore themes of identity and alienation.

Filmmaker and visual artist Jessica Ann Peavy is currently a member of NEW INC, at the New Museum. BEING is an immersive experience that submerges participants in a world that collides the beauty of life, the tragedy of untimely death, and a hope that persists in all marginalized communities. This 360, spiritual, magical-realist metaphor describes what it means to simply BE in the current social climate.

NEW INC is a creative ecosystem that aims to foster cultural value, not just capital value. The program brings together boundary-pushing professionals who are inventing new forms and pursuing new models in fields as varied as music, interactive art, fashion, gaming, architecture, film, performing arts, product design, and web development, among others.

MVR is a platform for sharing projects and ideas concerning these new interactions between body and information, device, and action and explores an expansive breadth of subjects and technologies including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, robots, video games, choreography, and machine learning. Speakers represent a wide spectrum of expertise–coding, dance, anthropology, furniture design–and have included Gene Kogan, Liat Berdugo, Daniel Temkin, and Robert Yang.