Pioneer Works presents Massivemuse, an experimental group exercise in attuned listening on Friday, April 21. In this a-typical evening of classical music immersion, the audience will been given instructions on how to embody different modes of listening and have the opportunity to investigate the “generative cultural space that emerges between bodies that engage in creative acts together.” This Massivemuse brings together a unique collaboration between Groupmuse, Shattered Glass, a pioneering and democratically governed conductorless string ensemble, and the Choregraphies for Survival Group, a project of School of Apocalypse that explores the connections between creative practice and survival. When we listen closely to classical music, giving it all of our attention and the right tools to listen closely on an attuned individual level, there is a chance to create an environment in which every single person that participates has a moving collective experience. The goal is to engage the senses in deep and transformative modes of observation and relation by using classical music as the medium for expanding, heightening, and investigating perceptive capacities and improving listening skills.