Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt, USAISAMONSTER, Animental, and Baby; Baby: Explores the Reasons Why that Gum is Still on the Sidewalk come to Pioneer Works to for a chaotic, loud, exhilarating night of music.

Lightning Bolt has revolutionized underground rock in immeasurable ways over the course of its two-decade existence. The duo, drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson, broke the barrier between stage and audience by setting themselves up on the floor in the midst of the crowd. Their momentous live performances and the mania they inspired paved the way for similar tactics used by Dan Deacon and literally hundreds of others. Similarly, the band’s recordings have always been chaotic, roaring, blown out documents that sound like they could destroy even the toughest set of speakers. Sonic Citadel, Lightning Bolt’s seventh album, is not to be missed.

USAISAMONSTER, a prog rock band formed in Virginia but based in New York, played all over the world and released 8 LPs between 2000 – 2009. Their lyrics dealt with Native American history, current politics, and abstract poetry. In 2009, the band broke up, but were rebirthed as founders Tom Hohmann and Colin Langenus began working on new material in residency at Pioneer Works.

Formed in 2004 Animental is a female, experimental performance group that creates animal-themed noise theater.  Core members Barbara Hohmann and Sara Shapouri are returning to the stage as an eel and sea slug.

Baby; Baby: Explores the Reasons Why that Gum is Still on the Sidewalk is a hand-wave, parody of sound, pseudo-concept, garage future punk project made up of three strange birds from the to-be-ghost town/clam chowder suburbia of Warwick, RI. Utilizing found and recycled gear the band makes simple structured danceable songs that pay homage to musique concrète, European underground synth punk of the late 70’s, anthem music, dada, and the Providence DIY & noise scene.