KeiyaA, MIKE, and duendita:
Live from Pioneer Works

Join Pioneer Works and Noonchorus for an online concert with performances by KeiyaA, MIKE, and duendita. Filmed live onsite at Pioneer Works and presented online at Noonchorus, all proceeds from ticket sales will benefit The See You Collective.

KeiyaA is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist based in NYC. Raised in Chicago’s South Side, KeiyaA synthesizes her jazz training, R&B sensibilities, and hip-hop upbringing to create new soul sounds inundated with her powerful, sultry voice and dense lyricism.

KeiyaA’s debut album Forever, Ya Girl released on March 27, 2020. Forever, Ya Girl is a nu-soul landscape capturing the life of a Black woman entering her Saturn return in late-stage capitalism America. The project is primarily self-produced, and received a “Best New Music” review from Pitchfork as well as placement on several “Best of 2020” lists. Forever, Ya Girl has also earned KeiyaA fans in fellow artists such as Solange, Earl Sweatshirt, Blood Orange, Moses Sumney, and Jay-Z.

At twenty-two years old, MIKE’s age can be deceiving. He is an integral figure in birthing a new sound and style of hip hop that has gained wide influence since it first broke in underground circles in 2017, and MIKE’s music itself carries the insight, pain, and fatigue that often comes with age and long life lived.

Born in New Jersey, MIKE moved to London with his mother before settling in The Bronx for the remainder of his later teenage years. Both regions have had an audible influence on the young rapper’s musicr—in England he was immersed in grime and the music of King Krule, and in the United States he was turned on to Earl Sweatshirt and MF DOOM. In New York, MIKE connected with several artists who had a similar ear and style, and formed a collective called [sLUms]. Consisting of Adé Hakim, Darryl Johnson, King Carter, Jazz Jodi, and DJ Mason, the group established a unique sound that created waves throughout underground hip hop circles across the country.

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Candace Lee Camacho is an internationally recognized composer, songwriter, and performance artist. She is probably most known for her work under the stage name duendita.

“Camacho’s stage name was inspired by the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca’s concept of duende—that inexplicable, mysterious feeling when a piece of art makes the hair on your arms stand up. This sense of wonder radiates throughout direct line, her voice pirouetting from clear, open tones to deep, rounded wails. Camacho sings about heartache, loneliness, and death while situating love, tenderness, and a relationship with something bigger than herself as antidotes. Camacho, who is Puerto Rican-American and Afro-Latinx, also addresses the pain of racial and gendered oppression while uplifting Black women and celebrating her ancestry through prayer and love. Despite her hardships, she finds salvation in God, in the feeling of sunlight on her face, in a future full of daughters.” – Pitchfork

“duendita has a way of bringing people together. Her deep alto swirls in and out of siren-like reverberations, and as she sings about the power of prayer, the struggles of dating in a patriarchal society, and God, she essentially lights an incense for the world. And the energy is contagious.” – office magazine