Jess Johnson and Simon Ward’s XYZZY

At Liberty Science Center

Pioneer Works teams up with the Liberty Science Center to present the North American Premiere of "XYZZY," created by Pioneer Works’ alumni duo Jess Johnson and Simon Ward. This psychedelic musical journey is set in a vivid alternate reality. Hosted inside the largest planetarium in America, "XYZZY" immerses viewers in 360 degrees of alien landscapes, self-replicating structures, and hallucinogenic patterns that challenge perception. Jess Johnson's intricate hand-drawn art, known for its fantastical architecture and esoteric symbols, forms the foundation. Simon Ward, a video artist, brings these drawings to life with digital animations. This immersive experience represents a fusion of art and technology, where viewers embark on a sensory odyssey set to a 90’s-inspired electronic synthesizer soundtrack by musicians Andrew Clarke, Luke Rowell, Stef Animal, and Lachlan Anderson.

Witness this remarkable spectacle on the dome of America’s biggest planetarium at LSC After Dark—Liberty Science Center’s weekly after-hours event for guests age 21 and up.

You can get show tickets to see XYZZY when you attend LSC After Dark on April 18, April 25, May 2, or May 9 .

Get tickets to LSC After Dark now, and use promo code PIONEER at checkout to save $5 per general admission ticket. (Offer good for tickets to LSC After Dark in April 2024 or May 2024 only. Offer good for up to 4 tickets per customer).

Jess Johnson is a New Zealand born artist whose artwork reflects ideologies of technology and flesh, both ancient and futuristic. Extending into installation, video, VR, and fashion, her fictional world is initially developed by hand through her drawings. She lives and works between New York and New Zealand.

Simon Ward is a video maker and animator from Wellington, New Zealand.

He makes music videos, co-directs the animated comedy series Aroha Bridge with Jessica Hansell through Piki Films and collaborates with visual artist Jess Johnson, turning her drawings into animated videos and virtual reality artworks.