Tennessee-born, Berlin-based composer and sound artist Holly Herndon has spent her career mining the shrinking divide between the digital and the human. The owner of a Masters in Electronic Music, she creates densely layered soundscapes that can be academically dissected or simply appreciated for their visceral impact. Made with a myriad of vocal processing techniques and proprietary digital instruments, her alternately beautiful and unsettling suites don’t just probe the line between man and machine, they practically eradicate it.

Red Bull Music Festival New York and Pioneer Works will co-host the premiere of Herndon’s pioneering new live show, PROTO. Showcasing music from her latest album, PROTO (4AD), which features critically-acclaimed electronic producer Jlin, the show also incorporates a fluid ensemble of 8 vocalists, Spawn (a nascent machine intelligence), machine learning specialists, choreographers, and visual artists. This multisensory experience will raise questions as much as it moves bodies.

Meet The Artists

Holly Herndon
Holly Herndon’s musical work explores embodied experience in electronic media through experiments with the electronically processed voice, using extended vocal techniques, vocal processing and FM synthesis.

Ian Isiah
Big Shugga aka Ian Isiah is a bonafide NYC R&B sex idol.