Mendelssohn Octet in Eb Major
Saturday, December 6

7:30 pm, RSVP + Suggested Donation Here

Groupmuse is a classical music gathering typically hosted in living rooms throughout the country, with the intention of supporting local classical musicians, making the art form more accessible, and bringing people together to enjoy musical masterpieces in an intimate setting. This particular Groupmuse will be held in the Main Hall of Pioneer Works. Guests are invited to sit in chairs or on the floor at the feet of the musicians and listen to two sets of twenty minutes each. The sets are broken up by an intermission where people can stretch their legs, interact, and enjoy refreshments. At the end of the second set a hat/bowl is passed around to collect donations for the musicians.

The evening’s program will feature a performance of Felix Mendelssohn’s Octet in Eb Major. Written when he was sixteen years of age in 1825, the octet is scored for a double string quartet – four violins, two violins, and two cellos.

Suggested donation $10 – $15. Drinks will be sold, BYOB is permitted.

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