Friday Night Fashion Club Spring 2018 Open Call

Friday Night Fashion Club is a free program for Brooklyn teens in grades 8-11, who are interested in fashion, design, and sewing, led by local artisans Lesley Ware and Bianca Norris. This program will explore fashion tech and sustainable fashion. Participants will meet every Friday night from April 20–June 8 at 5:00 – 8:00pm to design a garment around a selected theme that will be presented during one of Pioneer Works public programs.

Price: Free

Audience: Brooklyn teens interested in fashion, design, and sewing.

Materials: We provide all supplies including fabric, sewing machines, and snacks.

To sign up, please complete and submit the registration form and nomination form by April 11, 2018. We’ll be in touch when we receive your application. Please note, this program is limited to 12 students.