Found Sound Nation

Concert Series Event #3
Friday, February 27
7pm; $10 Suggested Donation

Operating under the overarching FSN ethos that encourages the diminishing of boundaries in music-making and music-listening – be they ethnic, cultural, or stylistic – this concert series features a diverse curation of artists, both local and international. Audiences and performers alike are invited to experience something special and out-of-the-ordinary, as this collection of traditional and contemporary artists, community members and visitors, congregates in a unique kind of concert environment to engage in the intimate offering of sound.

Featuring: Luke Temple, Star Rover, Girls & God, and Booker Stardrum

Curated by Nandi Plunkett
Audio engineered by Ezra Tenenbaum
Visual and lighting design by Celina Carney
Video projections by Zack Levine

Final Viewing, 3rd FloorThe Proof: Third Laboratory from Pioneer Works resident David Colosi. The Proof is the third iteration of recurring sculptural theater, a satirical parody play on the use of theoretical mathematics to prove or disprove the existence of God. The work features the equations of project collaborator Jensen Gilles, transcribed and documented by Colosi on chalkboards, and Colosi’s Syntactic Objects.