Flying for Microbes

For us, air is an invisible force we perhaps notice most during a summer breeze. However, if you look a little closer, the air is teeming with tiny living things known as microbes that swim through the air as if it were thick soup. Join Pioneer Works and Genspace on Governors Island to catch some of these microbial species on kites and check them out up close with microscopes.

This drop-in program will take place off-site at Governors Island, Nolan Park 8B, which is accessible via ferry from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Price: Free ($10 Suggested Donation)

Audience: Open to all. Youth under age 15 should be accompanied by an adult.

Materials: Materials provided.

Timing: This is a drop-in program with four 60-minute sessions happening between 12-4pm. Each session will begin on the hour, with the first at 12pm.


This project is supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science.