False Harmonics #16: Caleb Giles & Olu Odubiro, HxH (Lester St. Louis & Chris Williams)

False Harmonics is a musical series meant to explore new music and alternative approaches to composition, improvisation and performance. Join us in the PW Main Hall for Caleb Giles & Olu Odubiro and HxH this July 19.

A New Song: Latitudes for seven soloists, is a piece collaboratively written by Caleb Giles, Olu Odubiro, Jon Nellen, and four other profound New York Soloists. This devotional piece aims to lead the listener through nine tender and fierce expressions on a theme. Bringing to seraphic heights the collective heart and mind of these seven soloists.

About the Artists

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, and rapper, Caleb Giles (Born in Kalamazoo Michigan, in 1997) exercises an expansive and razor-sharp musical practice that has matured professionally over the last decade. His offerings are anchored in faith in the transcendent as well as in the wonder of the uncanny. Parables and proverbs litter his vocal work and his instrumental compositions seek to take the listener through time and space to places within and unseen.

Born Oluwaseun Odubiro in Brooklyn, NY, Odubiro brings a lifetime of musical education and a love for sampling and tape manipulation to his practice. As an accomplished bass player, his production output portrays a deep sense of rhythm and groove melded with the sampling prowess of a true crate digger and an emotional depth that captivates the listener. When he’s not in the studio, he explores deep soul, funk, and house cuts at various clubs and parties here in NYC.

HxH is the improvisatory electro-acoustic duo of Lester St. Louis and Chris Williams. The duo utilizes a mix of trumpet, cello and electronics to build worlds traversing through acoustic sound, grainy textures, expansive pools of sounds, breaks, cuts and beats. The approach is conceived as an expansiveness that holds a personal intimacy. HxH wants to bring the listeners in, tune them to the experience and take a long trip. HxH functions as a vehicle to bring together the mass of references and influences Chris and Lester share and create ways to crystalize those ideas in real, expanded time to an experience over minutes or hours.