Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation

The Eyeworks Festival is a screening series focusing on experimental animation. Founded in 2010 and now presenting its 11th iteration, festival programs showcase outstanding experimental animation of all sorts, and include classic films and contemporary works.

Eyeworks concentrates on works made by individual artists, drawing on the tradition of classic cartoon animation, and the lineages of avant-garde and underground cinema. The aim of Eyeworks is to present works that engage the enormous potential inherent in the art form of animation, and to show pieces that use animation as part of distinctly personal, conceptual, exploratory, and critical practices.

The Eyeworks Festival, based in Los Angeles, is organized by Alexander Stewart and Lilli CarrĂ©. Presented by Pioneer Works at 2220 Arts in Los Angeles, Block Cinema in Chicago and Roxy Cinema in New York City, the 2022 festival—organized as two programs—follows a two-year pandemic hiatus, and is made possible with support by the CalArts Faculty Development Fund.

Please note that some works contain flashing and strobe lights.

Program 1:

Total Runtime 70 minutes

Looping on screen:

KriĆĄs Salmanis, 100 Still Lives, 2014

In order:

Lars-Arne Hult, Strip-tease, 1981

Andy Cahill, Today I Will Be The Bread, 2022

Jane Aaron, Set In Motion, 1987

David Daniels, Buzz Box, 1985

Paul Vester, Picnic, 1987

Miranda Javid, The Wind, 2020

Sebastian Buerkner, Surge, 2020

Pallavi Agarwala, Once More With Feeling, 2016

Sarah Pucill, You Be Mother, 1990

Brandon Blommaert, The Jeweller, 2022

Joanna Priestly, Jade Leaf, 1985

Hayoun Kwon, 489 Years, 2016

Program 2:

Total runtime 73 mins

Looping on screen:

Selina Trepp, Rotation, 2016

In order:

Rastko Ćirić, Invisible and Poorly Visible Animal Species, 1988

Barry Doupé, RED HOUSE, 2022

Matthew Thurber, How the Dog Learned Perspective, 2021

Yoriko Mizushiri, Anxious Body, 2021

Yara Elfouly, Supermuseums, 2021

Justin Jinsoo Kim, The Exhausted, 2021

Sondra Perry, It’s In The Game ‘17, 2017

Michel Bret, Automappe, 1988

Rose Lowder, Bouquets 28-30, 2005

Tim Macmillan, Ferment, 1999

Zekkereya El-magharbel, stimm along, stimm along, stimm along, 2017

Kathleen Daniel, Scent, 2015

Kate Renshaw-Lewis, Belly Talkers, 2021

Madoka, GYRØ, 2014

In Los Angeles: Films by Barry Doupé

Barry Doupé in person


Whaty, 2012

Vhery, 2013

Ponytail [Excerpt], 2008

The Colors that Combine to Make White are Important [Excerpt], 2012

Bubble Boing, 2017

Thalé, 2009

Silent Symphony, 2017

Shiksou, 2012

Distracted Blueberry [Excerpts], 2019

In Chicago: Films by Laura Harrison

Laura Harrison in person

Little Red Giant The Monster That I Was, 2016

The Lingerie Show, 2015

The Limits of Vision, 2022