Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation

The Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation returns for a third year of screenings at Pioneer Works this November. Blending an appreciation of classical animation with the sensibilities of avant-garde cinema and the visual culture of alternative comics, the Eyeworks programs showcase abstract animation and unconventional character animation.

The festival will screen at Pioneer Works with two programs of short films. These programs combine classic and contemporary work, and highlights include films from avant-garde animation legends Robert Breer, Suzan Pitt, and Jules Engel, and from contemporary animators Yoriko Mizushiri, Peter Burr, and Amy Lockhart. For this Pioneer Works event, films will be screened on 16mm and on video.

Eyeworks is a Chicago-based festival that exhibits classic and contemporary experimental animation. In addition to an annual festival, Eyeworks has presented screenings in Stockholm, Helsinki, Zagreb, and Bologna; as part of the Animation Block Party, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, and the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo; and at CalArts, Dartmouth College and VCU.

6:00 PM, Shorts Program 1

  • Shen Jie,¬†Horse, 2014
  • Hy Hirsh,¬†Come Closer, 1952
  • Suzan Pitt,¬†Bowl, Garden, Theater, Marble Game, 1970
  • Brian Smee,¬†Sports, 2014
  • Shen Jie,¬†Horse, 2014Matthew Steven Arnone,¬†Gyges, 2010
  • Robert Breer,¬†70, 1970
  • Kevin Eskew,¬†Still Life, 2015
  • Amy Lockhart,¬†Quilt, 2013
  • Heather McAdams,¬†The Scratchman, 1980
  • Tadanori Yokoo,¬†Kachi Kachi Yama, 1965
  • Deanna Morse,¬†Plants, 1989
  • Jules Engel,¬†Shapes and Gestures, 1976
  • Peter Burr,¬†Green / Red, 2014


8:30 PM, Shorts Program 2

  • Osamu Tezuka,¬†Jumping, 1984
  • Oliver Laric,¬†untitled, 2014
  • Steve Reinke & Jessie Mott,¬†Everybody, 2012
  • Standish Lawder,¬†Runaway, 1969
  • Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva,¬†The Classroom, 2012
  • Eriko Sonoda,¬†Space is the Place, 2011
  • Ed Emshwiller,¬†Sunstone, 1979
  • Joe Hamilton,¬†Regular Division, 2014
  • John Whitney,¬†Arabesque, 1975
  • Yoriko Mizushiri,¬†Veil, 2014
  • Sijia Ke,¬†Aye, 2014
  • Misaki Uwabo,¬†New Tokyo Ondo, 2012
  • James Duesing,¬†Law of Averages, 1996

Note: Eyeworks Festival programs contain adult themes and adult content.