Explorer Program:
Out of the Black Box

Out of the Black Box (OBB) is a workshop series that aims to help children in primary school uncover the magical logic of electronic circuits through art-making. Together we will build electronic circuits by making sculptures with conductive clay, drawings with robots, letters with voice-recording modules, and more. The activities in this workshop series are designed to encourage participants to produce collaborative works with their peers—emphasizing skills such as teamwork, compromise, and communication. Participants will leave this workshop series with a basic understanding of electronic circuitry and a deepened exposure to multimedia art-making practices.

OBB is inspired by the 90s children’s TV show Out of The Box. In Out of the Box, teachers Tony and Vivian lead a community of children through interesting arts and crafts activities, while also instilling values about friendship, communication, and relationship-building. OBB aims to create a similar environment for values-based exposure to art-making by extending their focus to be inclusive of STEAM education.

This program is run in collaboration with Good Shepherd Services Beacon After-school Program at P.S. 15.