Drew McDowall, Dreamcrusher, and Tval

In celebration of BREYER P-ORRIDGE: We Are But One, Pioneer Works presents a series of concerts and related programs that pay tribute to the late artists’ work, featuring the artists’ friends and collaborators, alongside others who were indelibly shaped by BREYER P-ORRIDGE’s seminal practice. The series is organized in partnership with Ryan Martin of Dais Records—an independent label that released numerous records with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge during he/r lifetime.

Join us at Pioneer Works at Red Hook Labs for a performance by Drew McDowall, Dreamcrusher, and Tval, celebrating the life and legacy of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. Tickets are on sale now.

About the artists:

Drew McDowall's works are sacraments to alterity. An artist who has refused to conform in music and in life, McDowall mines the hallucinatory spaces that exist between reality and celestial otherness. His meditative compositions are haunting and spiritual, melding intricate modular soundscapes with cut-up samples, and deconstructing sounds into their most basic shuddering structures and shapes. The disorienting ambient mirages that result elicit terror, tender melancholy, and heavenly flickers of expansive beauty. His backstory reads like a primer of psychedelic fiction woven into statements of the unbelievable, superhuman, and outright insane. Growing up in the gangs of 1970’s Scotland, McDowall-fatigued by years of daily violence and the chaotic madness of that life- sought aggressive self-expression in punk and found a home in Glasgow’s rich underground music community.  After a stint with The Poems, a band he started with his then-wife Rose McDowall, he joined the ranks of UK avant-gardists Genesis P-Orridge, David Tibet, Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson, John Balance, and countless others who would come to define the industrial music's blossoming experimental vanguard. McDowall eventually collaborated with Psychic TV and became a full-time member of the cult outfit Coil, where his influence shaped the group's later output: exercises in magical practice and music-as-psychoactive effect.

Dreamcrusher is a Brooklyn, NY by way of Wichita, KS based noise artist. Crawling out of the depths of mid aughts Myspace DIY culture and releasing a fervor of heart stopping densely beautiful albums and ep's. Dreamcrusher's NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK transcends the internet and is truly best experienced immediately and with open mind and body.

Tval is a collaborative project between Roxy Farman from Wetware and Manat & Hanna Elliot from Hogg.

This program series is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.