Daniel Menche, Container, MV Carbon, Eartheater, Greg Fox, Ben Vida, Horse Lords

ISSUE Project Room and Pioneer Works are pleased to present a summer marathon event on July 30th featuring a rare New York appearance from Daniel Menche and performances from Container, Profligate, Eartheater, Greg Fox, Ben Vida, and Horse Lords live in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

A presentation of massive sound, ISSUE and Pioneer Works gather artists exploring parallel strategies in visceral experimentation across instrumental and electronic music. Evoking both states of paralysis and depictions of profound, kinetic energy — from overdriven rhythms to impactful soundscapes, hypnotic repetitions, and agitated composition — the event spans a propulsive and powerful sonic vocabulary.

5:45PM: Horse Lords
6:30PM: Ben Vida
7:15PM: Greg Fox
8PM: Eartheater
8:45PM: MV Carbon
9:30PM: Container
10:15PM: Daniel Menche



Portland-based sound sculptor Daniel Menche spills musical blood in the world of audio limit-pushing. Storms, throat, skin, heart, massive drums, choirs, acoustic instruments, pianos and organs, junk electronics, high tech electronics, garbage, dirt — any and all sounds are possible conduits for his work. With scores of releases on cornerstone labels like Editions Mego, Important, Touch and Sub Rosa, Menche is an invigorating and engrossing onstage force, whether coaxing relentless and all-enveloping waves of sound from his own body or in accompaniment to his intense visual work.

The solo guise of multifaceted artist Ren Schofield, Container became one of avant-garde electronic label Spectrum Spools’ most intriguing artists. The Nashville, Tennessee producer released his first LP — simply titled LP — on John Elliot’s (Emeralds) curated Editions Mego offshoot label. A mind-warping crunch of electronics, smashed techno loops, and distortion spread over just five tracks, LP was a visceral assault on the senses and won Schofield wild acclaim and applause in 2011. He quickly followed this with another album — again named LP — in 2012. Recorded on Labor Day weekend 2012 in Providence, Rhode Island, it was a darker and more cohesive affair than its predecessor. EPs on Morphine Records and Liberation Technologies followed, and Spectrum Spools released Container’s third album — yet again bearing the title LP — in 2015. Recalling the likes of D.A.F., Surgeon, and Legowelt, Container proved to be one of the most exciting “avant-techno” artists to emerge from the latter-2000s’ electronic underground scene.

MV Carbon is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist and composer. Her work is comprised of live performance, installation, projection, and sound. Embracing a non-traditional approach to music, she plays cello, reel to reel tape, gongs, amplified objects, synthesizers, electronics and crafted instruments. Her current work explores interchangeability, the human mechanism, perceptive states of consciousness, and the empirical force of nature. Carbon has solo releases on Ecstatic Peace (US) and Discombobulate Records(UK). Her long withstanding electronic duo, Metalux has releases on Hanson, Load, 5RC, Obsolete Units, No Fun Productions, and Veglia (BRU). She was a member of Bride of No No who has 2 releases on Atavistic Records. Carbon has developed new sonic works for performances at a variety of places including Q-02 (BRU), EMS (SE), Issue Project Room (NY), The Clockower Gallery (NY), and Roulette, (NY). She has composed work for solo piano, cello, flute as well as for the The String Orchestra of Brooklyn. She has performed at spaces including The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), PS1-MoMA (NY), The Guggenheim BMW Lab (NY), ULU (UK), Nefertiti Jazz Club (SE), Socrates Sculpture Park (NY), The Stone (NY), Performa (NY), Roulette NY), The Sage (UK), Casa Des Artes, (PT), Worm (NL), The Tate Modern (UK), and many more.

Alexandra Drewchin (Eartheater) is a New York based musician, poet, and artist that seeks on a daily bases to upgrade her mental software and challenging pedantic linguistic systems to create new meanings for new feelings. In 2015, Alexandra, released two records, Metalepsis and RIP Chrysalis, that received wide critical acclaim for their experimentation with pop and classical paradigms. Performing live, her hyper composed pieces are polarized by improvisational destruction. As an observer, the visual and vicarious amplification of Drewchin’s process is experienced simultaneously in Eartheater’s physical body as she contorts and pushes tensions to the brink. She is also known for her work with Greg Fox in the project Guardian Alien.

Greg Fox is a New York City born-and bred drummer, multidisciplinary artist, and teacher. He has played on and released 49 records since 2008, including his work with Liturgy, ZS, Ben Frost, Colin Stetson, Skeletons, Hieroglyphic Being, Man Forever, and others, as well as with his own solo work and his projects GDFX and Guardian Alien. Fox has toured worldwide with various groups and collaborations, held residencies at The Clocktower NYC and Pioneer Works, and was awarded “Best Drummer in NYC” by the Village Voice in 2011. Currently spending 2016 for the most part at home in NYC, he is working on new collaborations and compositions, teaching individual and group drum lessons, and exploring new territory as a solo artist, using a hybridized electroacoustic drum setup to explore new dimensions through the traditional gestures of the modern drummer and the possibilities inherent in electronic and computer music.

Ben Vida is a Brooklyn based artist and composer. He has been an active member of the international experimental music community for the past seventeen years with a long list of collaborations, bands and releases to his credit. In the mid 90’s he co-founded the group Town and Country and has since worked as a solo artist under his own name and as Bird Show with releases on such labels as PAN, Alku, Thrill Jockey and Kranky. He has presented his work in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, South Korea and Japan. Recent activities include performances at the Kitchen, NYC with David Behrman, the debut of the Tyondai Braxton/Ben Vida Duo at the Sacrum Profamun festival in Krakow, solo performances at Electrónica en Abril festival in Madrid and Akousma Festival in Montreal and the publication of his long form sound poem Tztztztzt Î Í Í… from Shelter Press. Past art exhibitions include Slipping Control at Audio Visual Arts in Manhattan, NY; Bloopers #0 presented by Triple Canopy/Performa, NYC and, in collaboration with artist Jeff Degolier, Metal Fatigue Music (music for Boom Car) at NADA Miami. In 2013 he was Artist In Residency at ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn and at The Clocktower in Manhattan.

Horse Lords carve out deep, hypnotic grooves of bold new American rock and roll. Using a just intonation tuning system, the band constructs layers of punching, syncopated phrases that call upon elements of krautrock, African poly-rhythms, and classical minimalism.