Crystal C

Crystal C is an ongoing performance and installation, which began in 2013 in Ljubljana. In its first iteration in New York, it will inhabit the Cathedral Hall at Pioneer Works for a 3-day exhibition. Seeking to engineer an elixir that would produce and define poetic rapture, the artist created Crystal C and both an actual synthetic drug and a structure.

Composed of 18 + 1 elements, the elixir alchemizes both chemical and personal connections into new aesthetic relationships. Entwining performance, literary inscription, and totemic objects, the piece seeks to re-constellate human experience with the opportunity for both physical and psychic transcendence. The installation invites us to see viewership itself as a kind of drug, and the exhibition space as the set and setting that structures artistic experience.

Concept and realisation by Jaša
Curated by Michele Drascek
Music: Junzi & Jaša (Leftfinger)
Artistic collaboration: Meta Grgurevič
Technical supervision: Erik Vidmar
Words: Nina & Jaša
Photography: Matthew McNulty & Jaša
Produced by Rosa Lux /WEARE, City Museum
Ljubljana & Pioneer Works Center for Art and Innovation
Supported by Franci Zavrl, Mark Čuček, Ayal Brenner
Project patron: Ulay

JAŠA (Mrevlje-Pollak) is a Slovenian artist who lives and works in Ljubljana (SI), Venice (IT), and New York. He creates site-specific multimedia installations driven by experiential and relational interpretations of situation, narrative, visual and performance as a whole.

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