Coral Cross and Max Hooper Schneider

Pioneer Works and Mexican Summer are pleased to present the first multi-media performance event by metal band Coral Cross in conjunction with artist Max Hooper Schneider. The band will be playing to/for a sculptural installation by Schneider, and this will be made open to the public August 19th at 10pm. “With a Lancet,” a video directed by Jorge Elbrecht will be on view as part of this installation.

Coral Cross is a NY-based choral thrash metal band helmed by Jorge Elbrecht (Lansing-Dreiden, Haunted Grafitti, Violens), and featuring musicians Jimi Hey (All Night Radio, BI) and Lev Weinstein (Krallice). The band’s music is simultaneously blurry and fast paced, characterized by single-note guitar lines layered over with barely-audible cathedral harmonies.

Max Hooper Schneider (born Los Angeles, 1982) is an artist holding a master’s degree from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and additional degrees in urban design and biology. Hooper Schneider’s work is supported conceptually by Spinozan materialist principles regarding the agency of all matter (organic and inorganic, living and dead, human and nonhuman) and the displacement of humans from their traditional position of centrality and superiority as knowers and actors in the world. Hooper Schneider lives and works across New York and Los Angeles.