Community Lunch: Kia Damon, Lalito

Join Pioneer Works staff, artists-in-residence, and friends in our garden for lunch. Each event spotlights a local chef or culinary organization. This month’s lunch features chef Kia Damon.

Lunch menus will become available a month before each event. Lunch will include a beverage. Vegetarian and gluten-free options will be available.

Kia Damon is a Florida-born, self-taught chef turned executive chef in Chinatown, Manhattan. Kia began her journey doing pop ups and dinner parties. Now, she runs the eclectic, Latin-Caribbean inspired restaurant, Lalito, that is reapproaching the way people look at foods of the diaspora. Through cooking, she hopes to continue to break boundaries and create a new normal for women, people of color, and her QTPOC community.


Community programs at Pioneer Works are made possible in part through the generous support of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.