Community Happy Hour:
Sara Elise, Harvest & Revel

Join Pioneer Works staff, artists-in-residence, and friends in our garden for happy hour. Each event spotlights a local chef or culinary organization. This month’s Happy Hour features Harvest & Revel with music by Sean McCaul.

Harvest & Revel is a full service private event catering company located in Brooklyn, NY. Founder Sara Elise was inspired to help transform her community’s relationship to affordable, locally sourced foods. With her team of chefs, she focuses on creating sustainable, nutritious, and delicious cuisine through a wide range of both indulgent and health-conscious menu options that celebrate the flavors of the natural ingredients. Harvest & Revel has become the go-to caterer for adventurous and thoughtful eaters who care about taste and well-being, offering well-sourced and creatively cooked food with style as well as ethics.

Community programs at Pioneer Works are made possible in part through the generous support of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.