Code Ecologies

Code Ecologies is a workshop for Red Hook youth to explore the environmental impact of technology. This after school program at Pioneer Works is taught by three teachers who are passionate about environmental justice. Through lectures and hands on activity with coding and electronics, students will explore the influence of computational technologies and network infrastructure on the natural environment. Throughout eight weeks session, students will create unique art pieces by recycling electronics and environmental data visualization. The workshop is named after a conference at the School for Poetic Computation that’s organized by the teachers.

Taeyoon Choi is an artist, a co-founder of School for Poetic Computation and a Tech Resident at the Pioneer Works. Taeyoon is researching distributed network with a critical perspective towards technology, ethics, justice and sensitivity to the concept of personhood.

Ed Bear is a performing artist and engineer. His work with robotics, sound, video, transmission and collective improvisation investigates the questionable calibration of social relationships with material technology.

Nabil Hassein has worked professionally as a software developer and a public school teacher, and has also done grassroots political organizing in New York City, primarily for police and prison abolition.


Image: Sonia Boller, Code Ecologies, Software generated image, 2018

This program is in partnership with Red Hook Initiative