Kenya (Robinson)

For the close of White Man On A Pedestal, artist Kenya (Robinson) will use performance as a tool for inquiry, questioning the life cycle of white male heteronormative supremacy. If every living thing dies, it begs the question: is our current system of privilege alive, or is it an energetic impulse, abiding by the law of physics? Is it an impulse towards artificial hierarchies that cannot be created or destroyed? Are we bound to witness only a change in form, repeating the essence of oppression, indefinitely? This contemplation is at the centerpiece of CENOTAPHIC – a jazz funeral for the #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET. A procession beginning at Red Hook Houses and culminating with a eulogy and repast at Pioneer Works seeks answers, or, at the very least a “conversation”.

The procession will be led by (Robinson), leaving promptly from Red Hook Houses at 4:15pm, and the eulogy will be delivered by Amanda Werner, an activist known for their viral appearance as the Monopoly Man at the Equifax Senate hearing on Capitol Hill in October 2017. Please dress in mourning attire.