black midi, DJ Python, and Nordra

We're pleased to present black midi, DJ Python, and Nordra at Pioneer Works Main Hall this October 20.

About black midi

No second album syndrome and no sophomore slump for Britain’s most exciting and challenging young rock band. black midi’s follow up to Schlagenheim is a dynamic, hellacious, inventive success. Cavalcade, their second studio album for Rough Trade, scales beautiful new heights, reaching ever upwards from an already lofty base of early achievements.

The meaning of the word cavalcade is a procession of people, such as a royal parade, and black midi picture their new album as a line of larger than life figures—from a cult leader fallen on hard times and an ancient corpse found in a diamond mine to legendary cabaret singer Marlene Dietrich—strolling seductively past them. The album art—again, another intricate collage created by David Rudnick—brings this idea colorfully to life, drawing the listener inexorably into this mysterious world, reinforcing the idea that Cavalcade is a glorious collection of stories just waiting to be dived into.

"We just combine lessons learned from all of this music to make something that’s very interesting to listen to and something that is brand new.” black midi are quick to bat away any suggestion that it’s a risky strategy drawing from such a wide source of influences, that the resultant eclectic mix of influences could produce something resembling a mad man’s breakfast.

About DJ Python

DJ Python AKA Brian Pineyro has been making waves and taking names in New York City since 2016. Known for his productions both as DJ Python and as DJ Wey, Pineyro has demonstrated himself to be a masterful and versatile producer.

About Nordra

Nordra is the solo project by Brooklyn-based artist Monika Khot, who fronts the band Zen Mother and to be found on bass touring with Daughters. She creates her design of the future of pop using an incredibly intense mix of noise, electronic beats, her ethereal voice, and various live instruments such as a guitar and a pocket trumpet. Her last album Pylon II is the soundtrack to a modern dance and, like her debut album, was released on the renowned Sige label by Aaron Turner (Isis / Mamiffer / Sumac) and Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer). The work was voted one of the top 20 albums of 2018 by the Wire Magazine.

Nordra is an October 2021 Pioneer Works Music Resident.

Presented by Pioneer Works and AdHoc Presents.

In accordance with the New York City mandate, Key to NYC, visitors (age 12+) must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter Pioneer Works. Be prepared to show your proof of vaccination upon arrival at Pioneer Works. Please review our updated Health and Safety Policy here.