Send Blank Tape

Radical Software magazine and early video distribution networks
An installation of early video art at Pioneer Works curated by Liz Flyntz

“Since only the user is in a position to know what is relevant for him and
how he wants to access relevance and information, exchange must include the user from the beginning.” -Paul Ryan, “InfomorphOne: Organization of Ignorance” Radical Software 1(3)

This installation mines Radical Software, the first periodical devoted to video, to present a survey of some of the very earliest video art in existence. In the earliest days of video, the lines between art, documentation, journalism, and experimentation were either not yet existent or intentionally blurry. The community of exchange that Radical Software facilitated was notable for the unusual intersection of hybrid practices and ideologies including radical pedagogy, feminism, left activism, gonzo journalism, experimental art, and erotica. The installation is in the spirit of the early 70s Friday-night video screening parties held in the Prince Street SoHo loft inhabited by members of the video art collective Videofreex. Included are works by the aforementioned Videofreex, as well as individuals and collectives such as Raindance, TVTV, Ant Farm, John Reilly, People’s Video Theater, and Ladies Home Journal.