Kenan Juska
Daily Operation

CLOSING RECEPTION: Sunday, September 7 from 5 – 8PM

Artist and co-founder of the radio program and DJ collective “Chances with Wolves,” Kenan Juska, from March 2005 to November 2008 created sequential collages made from cast-off materials primarily found on the streets of New York. The work showcases a wide spectrum of human experience and provides a daily snapshot of our collective lives. Items like newspaper and magazine clippings combined with intimate trinkets from people’s lives render a rough portrait of the collective consciousness and value system of contemporary culture.

“Making this work was, on a personal level, an almost subconscious precursor to ‘Chances with Wolves,’ explains Justka. “The daily meditation of collecting materials people cast off, and turning them into a sculptural diary, ended as the radio program began. With each episode of the radio show, we take overlooked and forgotten songs from different contexts, times, cultures and styles; “beautiful failures” we think of them as, and do our best to meld them into an seamless experience for our listeners.”

Additionally, Pioneer Works and Juska will be releasing a book in conjunction with the show featuring a foreword by Justin Cox of Chances with Wolves, and published by Pioneer Works Publishing