Jeff Fichera

In the Cathedral series, Fichera’s subject is a dollar store gift bag. He has kept this bag hanging on his studio wall unchanged for years and painted it repeatedly, each time from a different angle. The bright, prismatic patterns produced by the holographic material confuse the actual contours of the surface, with its appearance dramatically shifting from the slightest change in viewpoint. In this serial body of work, mass production is fused with labor intensive studio practice through the metaphor of the gift and the deep tradition of rigorous observation.

Jeff Fichera is a native of Newburyport, Massachusetts and was educated at the Massachusetts College of Art under the instruction of master landscape painter George Nick. After painting the landscape en plein air in Massachusetts for nearly a decade, Jeff attended the University of Pennsylvania’s MFA program. He now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His work, while still derived exclusively from observation, is now studio-based and focused on subjects that appear to blur the line between representation and abstraction.