Classes at Pioneer Works

Pioneer Works offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, symposiums and discussion groups that provide an alternative to traditional institutions. Education, which is at the core of our mission, is the direct avenue for exchange and debate between the arts and sciences and enables the collaborations that characterize our programming.

Feb 27 — Apr 03


Dissect the televisual, learn the tools of transmission and broadcast, play with identity and super personae, and create electronic collage.

Mar 04 — Apr 22

Cinema in Black

Create an unconventional Black film canon and explore representations of Blackness on screen and in text.

Mar 18 — Apr 22

Sculpting from Life

Use a live model to explore the process and history of figure sculpting.

Apr 01 — 02

Intro to Tintypes: Wet-Plate Photography Circa 1859

In this hands-on workshop you will learn all the steps needed to coat, sensitize, shoot, develop and varnish a 4×5 tintype.

Sunday, Apr 02

Mycelium Architecture

Learn how to grow Mycelium, a fungus, and work with it as a material.

Apr 04 — May 09

Everyone’s a Critic: Writing as Reflex

Flex your writing muscles and develop criteria for judgement-making through a variety of writing exercises.

Wednesday, Apr 05

The Good Death Roundtable: Art and Death

An illustrated, wide-ranging talk with Joanna Ebenstein exploring the way artists and makers respond to death.

Apr 06 — May 25

Shift Your Trends

This workshop series asks participants to interrogate and actively oppose racism and oppression both within society and within ourselves.

Apr 10 — May 15

Handheld Gallery: Interactive Art for Mobile Phones

Explore the mobile phone as a vehicle for interactive digital art.

Wednesday, Apr 12

Research Roundtable 2: Supporting Cross-Discipline Work

Guests Regine Basha and Julie Martin will use Experiments in Art and Technology as the basis for interactive analysis and discussion.

Wednesday, Apr 19

The Local Struggle: Learning from Asylum Seekers in NYC

Learn about the process of seeking asylum, who asylum seekers are, and what they can teach us.

Sunday, Apr 23

Introduction to Solar Power

Build a small solar powered battery charger with a USB port capable of powering a phone, bike light, or any other USB powered device.

Wednesday, Apr 26

Pedagogy for Dissent Roundtable 3: Tactical and Strategic Media

Techniques and tactics for political activism, direct action, and dissent taught through documentary screenings.


Privilege as Plastic Material

A performative and sculptural investigation of privilege.



Education has been at the core of Pioneer Works' mission since its inception. Classes are the direct avenue for exchange and debate between the arts and sciences, and enable the collaborations that characterize our program. Students have direct access to distinguished faculty not normally available outside traditional institutions -- professors from Yale, ICP and Cooper Union, TED fellows, neuroscience researchers, world class musicians and pioneering artists alike. We offer an average of twelve classes a month in subjects ranging from technology to traditional crafts, as well as long-form classes built around the idea that creative methodologies can be applied to any discipline.