Worlding with the Molecular with Mary Maggic

Through years of research through public workshopologies on the project Open Source Estrogen, biohacking methodologies have proven to serve far more than spreading didactic knowledge. These protocols that produce an existential knowing in our bodies and environments inevitably lead to a form of collective worlding and knowledging, strategies that may help us out of ecological ruins. Combining biohacking with performance in a new dramaturgical workshop, Worlding with the Molecular, participants embody the very agency of toxic molecules and their ongoing process of worlding, emerging on the other side with a radical breakage from the past.

This workshop is held across October 7 and 8, running from 1-5 PM on October 7, and 12-5 PM on October 8. Please note that by registering for this workshop, you consent to be photographed and recorded for promotional purposes.

This program is supported by the Simons Foundation.