Reanimation Library Presents What Am I Seeing?

What am I Seeing?, led by Reanimation Library‘s Andrew Beccone, is a workshop organized around the problem of cataloging images. Unlike books, which can explicitly convey their subject matter through their written content (and can be cataloged relatively easily because subject headings are comprised of written language), image cataloging requires an extra step—the translation of a given image into a written description. This becomes even more difficult when you aren’t sure what you are looking at—an experience not uncommon in (though certainly not limited to) the world of Contemporary Art.

Using content taken from the shelves of the Reanimation Library, the participatory workshop will offer insight into library cataloging practices and the theoretical foundations of classification systems, with special attention paid to their inherently subjective and political nature.

Price: $40.00

Audience: All are welcome.

Materials: All materials are included.

Andrew Beccone, founder of the Reanimation Library, is an artist, librarian, and musician. The library has been exhibited widely at venues around the world including Vox Populi (Philadelphia), SPACE (London), High Desert Test Sites (Joshua Tree), talcual (Mexico City), 98weeks (Beirut), the Museum of Modern Art, the Queens Museum, and Kunsthalle Osnabrück. He was a resident at EFA’s SHIFT (2014/15) and the Queens Museum Studio Program (2015-2017). He lives and works in Brooklyn.