Wave Farm Works in Progress Workshop with Milad Mozari

This workshop, led by Wave Farm resident Milad Mozari, combines methods in sound recording and Particle brand development boards to survey open spaces and large structures on Governors Island. Participants will explore field recording experiments using indoor and outdoor field recording techniques, environmental data, and layers of a location. Through these experiments, we will notice patterns in the range, resolution, and reflection rate in certain built structures that will open a dialogue and allow participants to experience Governors Island on a different frequency.

This event will take place off-site at Governors Island, Nolan Park 8B, which is accessible via ferry from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Price: Free ($10 Suggested Donation)

Audience: Open to all.

Materials: Materials provided.

Milad H. Mozari’s work moves through concepts of music, belief systems, absence, and structures. His research-based practice often starts with sound or spatial experiments, which then attempt to resonate physically, historically, and experientially. These projects often become film, performance, or installation in their final form, and reflect on the sonic and social aspects of a site.

Wave Farm is a non-profit arts organization driven by experimentation with broadcast media and the airwaves. A pioneer of the Transmission Arts genre, Wave Farm programs provide access to transmission technologies and support artists and organizations that engage with media as an art form. Major activities include the Wave Farm Artist Residency Program, Transmission Art Archive, WGXC 90.7-FM, and the Media Arts Assistance Fund in partnership with NYSCA EMF.


Please contact education@pioneerworks.org if you have any questions regarding this workshop.