The Single Panel Cartoon

Cartoons have been voices of dissent and expressions of the comedic from the emergence of political satire caricatures in the 1880’s to the present day. The focus of this course is on the single panel cartoon. As opposed to the comic strip, a single panel pairs word and image in a succinct frame and is typically embedded within other print content or contexts. We will discus how the interplay of word and image creates a world in a moment through narratives, satire, confusion, and humor.

Students will create single panel cartoons for print by experimenting with drawing, tracing, collaging, photographing, appropriating, then matching text to the images. The workshop will culminate in printing a compendium of single panel works. We will strategize distribution techniques.

Price: $60 [$50 + $10 materials fee]

Evelyn Donnelly is a New York and Seattle based artist whose work examines performance and social exchanges in institutions, casual contexts, and unauthorized spaces.  Her work investigates play in relation to formal, social, and technological structures. Donnelly constructs wearable works, sets, and soundscapes that contribute to collaborative performances. Her lectures are instances of repetition and spontaneous word plays. Donnelly received a BA from Bard College and an MFA from the University of California, San Diego. Donnelly has acted as an agent of The Bureau for the Future of Choreography since its inception in 2011. She is the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships including a 2014 residency at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Process Space, and a 2014 Dinning & Main Fellowship, Confuse the Cat, Banff Center for the Arts.