The Great Indoors: An Online Soundscapes Workshop

Led by Technology Resident Johann Diedrick, this collaborative, participatory workshop aims to create sonic connections between all of us as we are forced to be physically distance. By sharing our acoustic spaces together we can find commonality between each other and create a space for empathy and care during these precarious times.

Over the course of this 90-minute workshop, we will walk through creating soundscapes from our indoor sonic environment. Starting with a brief presentation on acoustic exploration, participants will then be invited to explore their homes/apartments to record sounds with their phones/recording devices. Afterwards, we will come back together and learn how to compose soundscapes with Audacity, an open-source audio editing software. Participants will upload their recordings to a shared drive (Dropbox/Google Drive) and be given time to put together a soundscape with everyone’s recordings. At the end of the workshop, we will share our soundscapes together.

Price: Free ($10 Suggested Donation)

Date: The workshop is a one-time course meeting on June 23 from 6:00-8:00PM.

Audience: Open to all.


  • Computer with internet access
  • Some audio recording device, which can be your phone or a field recorder
  • Download and install Audacity, a free, open-source audio editing software that works on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Johann Diedrick makes installations, performances, and objects that allow you to explore the world through your ears. He surfaces vibratory histories of past interactions inscribed in material and embedded in space, peeling back sonic layers to reveal hidden memories and untold stories.

DIY sound and music platform Mutant Promise launched a series of online artist-led workshops for progressive music making in isolation.

Please note, this online workshop will begin promptly at the listed start time. In order to ensure the quality of instruction for all participants, late entry will not be permitted.