The Good Death Roundtable: Death in the 21st Century

***NOTE: This session will take place at Pioneer Books at 289 Van Brunt St.***

Medical ethicist Dr. Ellen Meltzer will join us for May’s Roundtable as we look towards the future of death. How do we imagine death and dying in the future? What will happen if, indeed, death disappears within our lifetimes? We will be examining death from a medical perspective and seeking to understand current  and emergent systems that will impact the future of death.

About this roundtable series:

The Good Death roundtable is a forum that seeks to foster a better relationship with our mortality. Through the exploration of a history of death rituals, an examination of what death looks like presently, and a speculation on our own death and cultural attitudes toward death in the future, we will contemplate death in an effort of preparedness and understanding.