Song, Percussion, and Dance Workshops with Boukman Eksperyans

Boukman Eksperyans presents a special song, percussion, and dance workshop which will focus on deep traditional Haitian roots culture, Ibo (dance of the name of liberty), Nago (warrior dance), and Yanvalou (ceremonial dance of water). Through pedagogy adapted for all audiences and experiences, these workshops include a brief theoretical presentation on the origin of songs, percussions, and dances—and their profound meanings.

Boukman Eksperyans will also perform on Saturday, September 15 at 7 pm.

Price: Free with RSVP

Audience: Open to all ages

Materials:  Please wear comfortable athletic attire. Wear red to represent Nago and Ibo or white to represent Yanvalou. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own hand or percussion instrument.

Haitian band Boukman Eksperyans is  one of the most representative of the Haitian musical movement called Mizik Rasin,  a type of music that combines traditional elements of many different styles of Haitian roots music, religious vodou ceremonies, and Native American and African identity mixed in a rock-n-roll sound. Since 1987, Boukman Eksperyans has been sharing their musical rebellion with the world. The name “Boukman Eksperyans” is the combined result of two historical influences: the 1791 Slave Revolution at Bwa kay Iman lead by the Vodou Priest Boukman Dutty and Jimi Hendrix and his band The “Jimi Hendrix Experience”. Boukman Eksperyans is continuing the revolution of Boukman Dutty by sharing Haiti’s history and struggle through social messages in song and dance.