Risograph for Activism (Session 1)

Unfortunately, session 1 of this class has sold out. Session 2 is still open!

Risographs are high speed stencil duplicators; they allow for vibrant printing similar to screen and offset printing but at an incredible speed. This class will cover the basics of Risograph printmaking through the lens of activism. Guest lectures will discuss the role of printed material in times of political unrest, including during the Russian Constructivist Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War protests. Alongside these discussions, students will use the Risograph machine to complete a series of guided projects that troubleshoot machine quirks and introduce best practices for printing with multiple colors. This course hopes to use an analysis of graphic and communication design to create contemporary protest materials that will help make real change today.

Guests will include Anthony Tino, Lee Hunter with Russian Constructivist posters, and David Senior, MoMA librarian. Costs cover masters, ink, 20lb copy paper and access to the Riso printer at the shop for the duration of the class.