Research Roundtable 3: Performing Neuroscience

This roundtable will discuss ways that collaboration can expand the boundaries of scientific research. Multidisciplinary approaches to experimental exploration can reveal novel phenomena and educate experts and public alike about scientific and artistic processes. In this roundtable we will address the role of art/music/movement in the traditional scientific process, and the role of science in art/music/movement.

About this roundtable series
In academia, each discipline has its own rules for research. What happens to research methods when disciplines combine, morph, flex, and go rogue? This roundtable brings together researchers across disciplines to share tools, resources, methods, and philosophies with one another. Each session will feature 2-3 guests and related readings that expand on the idea of ‘research’ in relationship to themes like experimentation, play, archives, and performance. Participants will co-develop language to describe this emerging field.