Research Roundtable 1: Creative Collaboration

Creative collaborations are the new normal for technology-focused projects that require an array of skill sets from concept creation to implementation and beyond. How do we successfully enable collaboration across discipline? Are there roadmaps to success? This roundtable features three guests from Cyborg Futures  who will use their experiences collaborating to create a new haptic sense as the foundation for group discussion and brainstorming exercises.

Bruno LaTour’s Actor Network Theory (ANT)
Donald Schon’s Art As Reflective Practice

About this roundtable series:
In academia, each discipline has its own rules for research. What happens to research methods when disciplines combine, morph, flex, and go rogue? This roundtable brings together researchers across disciplines to share tools, resources, methods, and philosophies with one another. Each session will feature 2-3 guests and related readings that expand on the idea of ‘research’ in relationship to themes like experimentation, play, archives, and performance. Participants will co-develop language to describe this emerging field.