Reanimation Library Presents Collective Investigation

Beginning from the notion that a library can function as a communal space for gathering and circulating information, Reanimation Library presents Collective Investigation—a social method whereby groups explore collections of printed matter together. Driven by both affinity and the desire to share, participants in this workshop will undertake a series of instructions to investigate the contents of the Reanimation Library.

Through the act of physical browsing coupled with a liberated editorial procedure à la exquisite corpse, participants will collectively map and present a series of specific points within the compiled material, resulting in both a performance of the collaboratively assembled collection and a soft portrait of its intersection with the group’s interests and proclivities.

This workshop is one in a series of monthly programs that activates the Reanimation Library, a collection of obscure or out-of-print publications housed at Pioneer Books.

Price: Free with RSVP

Audience: Open to all.

Materials: N/A

Matthew Bakkom (b. 1968) is an artist, organizer and educator active in the United States and Europe, based primarily in Minneapolis, New York and Paris. Developing his practice since the 1990s, he has created a number of site-based interdisciplinary projects that engage audiences through the creative interpretation of archives and collections. His work has been featured in exhibitions at institutions such as Artist Space, Art in General, The Queens Museum, The Philadelphia ICA, MoMA PS1, The Walker Art Center, The Minneapolis Institute of Art, the Vann Abbe Museum and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.