Polyrhythm 1: Everyone is a Drummer

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Many people claim not to have rhythm, and yet we are all quite literally drummers at heart. The heart, which keeps us alive, does so by beating, and beating is the expression of rhythm. Polyrhythm I will explore the broad implications of this concept. As a group we will challenge conventional notions of what it means to “keep time,” and consider how it can be a source for creativity, stillness, and strength.

This course will be technical, physical, and conceptual and is open to beginners and seasoned drummers alike. We will start with basic stick control – for some this will be an introduction, for others this will be an opportunity to refine hand technique as it is contextualized within the cannon of modern drumming. And from there we will begin to explore what rhythm and polyrhythm are. We will focus our efforts on a particular polyrhythmic pattern – identified here as “Polyrhythm I” – a multiphasic polyrhythm that includes 12, 8, 6, 4, and 3 all at once. Everyone will be able to play this pattern by the end of the course.

Participants meet as a class of 8 for the first and last session, for the second session they can choose one of two Thursdays to meet in smaller groups of 4.

Dates: July 6, July 13 OR July 20, July 27, 7 – 9:00pm,
Location: Classroom
Price: $185 [$150 + $35 materials fee]