Media Literacy, or How To Drink From A Firehose

Media literacy scholar Julie Smith estimates that the average American spends more than fifteen hours every day listening, reading, clicking, sharing, and viewing media. In these times, it feels increasingly urgent for all of us–as citizens, workers, and humans–to gain the skills needed to make sure that time is well spent.

This workshop will cover:
-“Fake news”– what it is, where it comes from, why we fall for it
-“Baloney detection”–rules of thumb for critical reading from Carl Sagan, Daniel Kahneman, and more
-Tips, habits and tools for constructing a healthier, more balanced media diet
-How to engage on social media while avoiding anxiety, rage and/or depression
-What media makers can do to combat truthiness

Suggested: bring a list of the last five articles, videos, etc, you have shared online, and a list of your top browser tabs or sites visited daily for news, media, and information.