Found Sound Collage with P. Spadine

Explore Governors Island via sound. Using handheld recorders and your personal cellphone, join us as we traverse the island applying field recording techniques in this workshop led by former Music Resident, P. Spadine. By the end of the workshop, participants will learn accessible ways to manipulate and collage our found sounds during a jam session at Pioneer Works at Governors Island, Nolan Park 8B.

This event will take place off-site at Governors Island, Nolan Park 8B, which is accessible via ferry from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Price: Free ($10 Suggested Donation)

Audience: Open to all.

Materials: Bring your cellphone and/or handheld audio recorder.

Composer, amateur engineer, scientific tourist, and pack rat, P. Spadine spends the  vast majority of his time guiding the Ashcan Orchestra through its glorification rites praising the known universe. By implementing a growing collection of homemade instruments, simple automata, human performers, and a combination of determinate  and generative compositional tools, Ashcan strives to create small musical universes where simple rules flourish into complexity in an attempt to emulate and celebrate the laws that bind the physical world. He is incredibly grateful for the opportunities shared by each venue, from D.I.Y. basement to respectable NYC institution, that have generously allowed Ashcan to share its menagerie since 2007.