Ethical Hacking II

Improve your cyber hygiene by learning how to see and think like a hacker with former technology resident Phillip Stearns.

In this master class, we get familiar with the WiFi hacking and Network scanning tools that come packaged with Kali Linux. We’ll learn how to identify and secure common WiFi vulnerabilities by launching attacks on our in-lab network.

Once we’ve gained access to the WiFi network, we’ll explore tools like Wireshark to view traffic on our network and Nmap to discover what devices are connected and whether they are running vulnerable services.

Price: $50

Materials: Participants are required to bring their own Mac OSX laptops with Kali Linux setup (no portable iOS devices) and USB WiFi adapter capable of packet injection or monitor mode.

Audience: Participants should have taken Ethical Hacking I or have a fully operational Kali Linux system capable of packet injection.

Phillip Stearns produces both physical and intangible works, performances, and experiences using electronic media. His practice spans several disciplines from creative coding and physical computing to interactive light and sound installations, computational weaving to performances using light and sound.