Emergent Naturecultures Roundtable with Jane Bennett

How do we make space for a continuum between human and non-human others, setting intentions beyond binaries and towards integrative spectrums? In this roundtable series, participants are invited to engage in readings that explore the blending of nature and culture, following Donna Haraway’s instance of _natureculture_; in which the two terms cannot be separated.

For this session, Jane Bennett joins us in discussing her recent writing Out for a Walk, a meditation on walking as a means to “aesthetic education.” Participants are encouraged to read this text in advance of our meeting and come with comments, questions, and otherness. You can access this essay here: Jane Bennett Out for a Walk

Marisa Prefer is an educator, urban ecologist, and amateur herbalist who works across disciplines to translate knowledge between plant and human communities. Prefer has previously helped to run the Children’s Garden at Brooklyn Botanic Garden, is a current collaborator on “Carbon Sponge” at the New York Hall of Science, is the Programs & Permaculture Manager for floating food forest Swale, and is the Landscape Steward at Pioneer Works.

Jane Bennett is professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University. She is one of the founders of the journal Theory & Event, and is currently the editor of Political Theory: An International Journal of Political Philosophy.
Professor Bennett specializes in political theory: ecological philosophy, American political thought, political rhetoric and persuasion, and contemporary social theory. She has been a Fellow at Oxford University (Keble College), Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities (University of London), and the Humanities Research Centre at Australian National University.